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Ocean City St01 Modello 3D

Licenza modello 3D: Standard    Aggiorna licenza
Jul 31, 2017
CheckMate Lite Certificato
3ds Max 2014  |  mental ray
Maya 7  |  Maya Software
3D Studio
3D Modello specificazioni
1,439,270 poligoni
2,039,411 vertici
Polygonal Ngons used Geometria
UV mappato
Mixed UV non avvolto
Codice prodotto: 1170876
2216 Prodotti
da 2002

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Parametrically generated modern city. Over 2000 unique building models, laid out in a realistic ''organically grown'' manner. No building mesh repetition. 259 textures used in entire scene. Outstanding poly and texture efficiency for this level of scale and detail.

Set includes road network, trees/foliage, lamp posts, traffic lights, flyovers, bridges, container parks plus 2600m x 2000m of the downtown urban area. Set does not include cars. Polygon detail and texture set are ideal for use in games or sims. Max version (2017 or above) includes render set-up ready to recreate preview images ''out of the box''.

Part of a huge linked collection available from ES3DStudios. Scripts used to generate this model can be applied to an arbitrary road network of your choice, or designed to fit a landscape to quickly create an environment of any design.

All renders shown here created with the 3DSMax mentalray renderer. Max and Maya versions checked in native 3D application.

Please Note: All textures come in the Max zip download. Download this archive which-ever 3D format you require.

A version of this model with the vehicles shown in some illustrations is also available - TS ID 1057204

Texture Res: 256 bmp textures in power of 2 resolutions. Mostly 512 or 256 square, some 512x256.

2.6km x 2km approx land area

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