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Collezione Luxury Cars Vol. 2 Modello 3D

Licenza Royalty
- Solo per uso editoriale
La proprietà intellettuale raffigurata in questo modello , includendo il Marche "mercedes-benz", "audi" e "groupe psa", non è affiliata o sostenuta dai titolari dei diritti originali e deve essere utilizzata in restrizioni sull'uso editoriale .
Formati inclusi
Lightwave 8.0 Other
Maya 7.0 Other
Softimage 3.6 Other
Lightwave 7.0 Other
3D Studio

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3D Modello specificazioni
Codice prodotto:503249
UV mappato:Yes
UV non avvolto:Unknown
TurboSquid Membro da March 2004
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Avviso legale: La proprietà intellettuale raffigurata in questo modello, includendo il Marche "mercedes-benz", "audi" e "groupe psa", non è affiliata o sostenuta dai titolari dei diritti originali.

A great care and attention was put into every detail to make the perfect models of the 4 cars:
Audi R8 2007
Audi A5 Sportback 2010
Mercedes C Class Avantgarde 2008
Opel Insignia 2009

They have been polygonaly made with all parts selectable, further modifiable and ready for more subdivison. The models are perfectly suitable for high resolution even up to 10,000 pixels wide images exterior shots.

Materials are included and properly named but only basic color and transparency only. These materials act as placeholders for your own created full materials. This way you don't have to find out which material goes where.

The models are supplied in three different resolutions:
Audi R8 ranging from 167,192 and 673,380 to 1,606,404 polygons.
Audi A5 Sportback ranging from 591,866 and 1,392,932 to 3,190,172 polygons.
Mercedes C Class Avantgarde ranging from 218,185 and 869,388 to 3,475,146 polygons.
Opel Insignia ranging from 176,850 and 702,144 to 2,808,144 polygons.

The models require very little textures as almost all the details are modeled. The few textures included are made in a clever way to be simply applied to particular object with use of planar mapping cylindrical in case of wheel tire. No special UV coordinates are necessary.

The model files are compatible with many packages.
If you use any package that has problems opening the files or the mesh is triangulated or you can't see any materials, write me via the support of this site. I guarantee an immediate response and solution as soon as I get the email from the support staff.

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