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Beechcraft Super King Air B200 Hawker Beechcraft Modello 3D

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La proprietà intellettuale raffigurata in questo modello , includendo il marca "beechcraft", non è affiliata o sostenuta dai titolari dei diritti originali. Sono consentiti usi editoriali di questo prodotto, ma altri usi (ad esempio all'interno di giochi per computer) potrebbero richiedere autorizzazioni legali da parte di proprietari di proprietà intellettuale di terze parti. Ulteriori informazioni .
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3D Studio
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3D Modello specificazioni
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TurboSquid Membro da March 2005
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Mar 14, 2019

Avviso legale: La proprietà intellettuale raffigurata in questo modello, includendo il marca "beechcraft", non è affiliata o sostenuta dai titolari dei diritti originali.

Beechcraft Super King Air B200 High defenition 3D aircraft model.

Features: detailed animated landing gear, gear bays and doors. The flaps are seperated parts and has been animated. The primary flightcontrols (rudder, elevators and ailerons) are also seperated parts and ready for animation.

The proppellers are animated for your convience.

On this model the aft paasenger door has been modelled and animated. The whole cabin including the cockpit section are modelled and fitted with 3D leather seats and armrests. The cabin windows have been cutted out for you and have a nice black trimming around it so it can be seen clearly in close-up renderings. The cabin also have a floor structure on which a carpet texture has been applied. The dividers in the cabin between the cockpit and aft acces area are mapped with a wood texture apllied to it.   

Further more we modelled for you the probes, antenna's and windshield wipers aswell. The cockpit is modelled in low quality but includes the crew seats and main instrument panels (low detail) side panels and overhead panel. The control yoke has been modelled aswell. The cockpit and cabin have nice trimmings around the windows.

Model comes with photo realistic textures as can be seen from the preview images.

Model can also be used for MSFS Gmax or other simulator program's.

Animation as being seen in the preview images are only working in .max .3ds .xsi .x and .cob formats. Animations are devided into 4 situations.

- Flight mode, frame 0: clean model, everything retracted.
- Landing mode, frame 0-80: gear and flaps down.
- Rollout mode, frame 81-100: Passenger doors opens.
- The propellers have been animated from frame 0 to 100

Please download the screenshots below for a better presentation.

Copyright 3Dplanemodels - 2009

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