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confezione di asteroidi 14 pezzi Modello 3D

512 textures
1k textures
2k textures
4k textures
3D Modello specificazioni
76,645 poligoni
77,067 vertici
Polygonal Geometria
UV mappato
non-overlapping UV non avvolto
Codice prodotto: 1438127
2 Prodotti
da 2019

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asteroid pack comes with 14 asteroids, 3 levels of detail for each.

Includes texture resolutions at 512, 1k, 2k and 4k.

The asteroid textures utilize UDIMS, each asteroid is on it's own UDIM tile.

total poly count:
        Lod A: 153768
        Lod B: 76645
        Lod C: 38571
total vert count:
        Lod A: 154423
        Lod B: 77067
        Lod C: 38530

The asteroids are all at the center of the world, so you have to place them around the scene through instancing etc.

You can smooth the geo however they were textured unsmoothed, so smoothing just dulls the outline of the
rocks, doesn't really increase the render quality.
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