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Lion (FUR) Modello 3D

Oct 7, 2011
CheckMate Pro Certificato
Maya 2009ma/mb  |  mental ray
FBX fbx
OBJ obj/mtl
3D Modello specificazioni
9,256 poligoni
9,420 vertici
Polygonal Geometria
UV mappato
non-overlapping UV non avvolto
Codice prodotto: 513052
423 Prodotti
da 2005

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---UPDATED 2011---
High-detailed, photorealistic lion, completely UV-mapped and smoothable. Made with Maya 2009 & Shave and A Haircut for fur (see the bottom of the page for further information).


This scene is ready to render exactly as you see above (-see NOTE-) with mental ray settings.
This model has been modeled with a clean topology based on loops and quads. It is ready to be rigged and smoothed.

-Teeth, Gum, Tongue included.

The model is provided with 4k, high-resolution textures (color maps are .TGA):

lion_color (4096x4096)
lion_normal (4096x4096)
lion_specular (4096x4096)
lion_diffuse (4096x4096)
eye_color (1024x1024)
eye_diffuse (1024x1024)

Eyeballs, teeth, and tongue are modeled separately.

This pack includes all the following formats:

.mb (Maya 2009 binary)
.ma (Maya 2009 ascii)
.obj (Alias wavefront)
.fbx (Kaydara)

FBX is directly exported from Maya.
Obj is directly exported from Maya (.mtl included)

The Maya 2009 formats are ready to render exactly as you see above with mental ray and Shave and A Haircut settings.

Polycount (quads) (ma,mb,obj,fbx):

total: 9256
main: 6554
teeth: 2056

The fur is made with Shave and A Haircut for Maya 2009 so you would need that software to render the fur out.
For an even better render quality you can increase the hair primitives count up to your machine memory limit.
The actual rendering time is about 6 minutes for a 1200x1200 frame (rendered on a system based on Intel Pentium Quadcore with 8 gigs ram)
- 9 different hair systems for a total of 450k hair prims -
The Shave and Haircut Fur is included in each Maya 2009 format (ma/mb).
The OBJ and FBX formats don't include the Shave and Haircut Fur, but are included hair curves created by hair primitives (Maya 2009 .ma) so you can use them as guides if you' re using a different Fur/Hair plugin.

Posed Lion test is made just to see how the fur behaves. The actual model is NOT rigged and it comes in the standard pose.
The images on white background have been made for presentation purpose as per Turbosquid request, the actual light rig is including ground shadow setup (see the other renderings with coloured background).
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