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Scheletro T-rex Modello 3D

Licenza Royalty
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Formati inclusi
3ds Max 2010 Default Scanline 2010
Editable .PSD color textures
Chart of the joint axes

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3D Modello specificazioni
Codice prodotto:731917
Geometria:Polygonal Quads only
UV mappato:Yes
UV non avvolto:Yes, non-overlapping
TurboSquid Membro da January 2005
Attualmente vende 43 prodotti
Valutazione del prodotto
senza punteggio
This is an idealized model of Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton.
My aim was to offer a multipurpose model, good enough in accuracy to be used in an high-end project, but also optimized in polygons count to be useable in a real time environnement.
This is not a scientific representation of an average fossile. For this model the first goal was the theatrical aspect: The skull is bigger, with an expressive face.The dentition is complete. The legs are also slightly longer than an actual T-rex. But all the principal characteristics an details of a real fossile have been carefuly reproduced.


Originally created in 3DSMax 2010
Preview images rendered with default Scanline renderer, no postwork
In some images, elements have been isolated for clarity
No 3rd party plug-ins required to run the file
No background, render setup or lighting are included in the scene

This model is presented in a basic symmetrical standing pose. However, if you need a specific pose (running, roaring...) i can easily make it.

Each of the 258 bones (plus 60 teeth) has ben individually modeled and unwrapped.
The inner skull has been completely and precisely modeled.

This model has been created with rigging and animation in mind, and all the joints are designed for it.
If you want to rig it yourself, i provide a file including the points for all the axes of the joints.


The model is made up with one object (328 sub-objects)
Model created for subdivision
100% quads geometry
Total polygons count: 67495 quads
Built to real-world scale in centimeters units
The model length is about 13 meters


Standard materials only

The model is fully and carefully unwrapped into two different UV spaces: one for the head, one for the body
All texture maps are lossless .PNG 4096*4096
The bumpiness is generated by a normal map with an additional regular bump map
Two different sets of texture for head and body:
-color, bump, normal
The two 16bits .tiff displacement maps (head & body) are provided but not applied
The .PSD editable texture files are available for download.

For any question or wish about this model please don't hesitate to contact me at Turbosquid.
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