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Strumenti chirurgici - Collezione di attrezzature mediche Modello 3D

Licenza modello 3D: Standard    Aggiorna licenza
3D Studio
3D Modello specificazioni
4,400,448 poligoni
3,025,268 vertici
Polygonal Quads only Geometria
UV mappato
non-overlapping UV non avvolto
Codice prodotto: 1072101
42 Prodotti
da 2015

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Surgical Instruments - Medical Equipment Collection

Example Movie:

This comprehensive medical instrument and equipment kit offers a great range of applications.

It is suitable for close up detail shots and animation.
I also included predressed Asset Combinations to make dressing easier.

All geometries are quad based, ready for subdivision and are also suitable as game assets.
Includes High Resolution Textures

This set contains:
- Bandages - White, White Bloody, Red, Blue
- Syringes- two types, large and small
- Swabs - Ball Shaped
- Swap/Gauze Pads - Round
- Swap/Gauze Pads - Rectangular
- Scalpels integral - 2 Types
- Scalpel with replacable Blade
- Forceps Pincettes - Multiple types large and small
- Clamps - Multiple types large and small
- Pincettes - Multiple types large and small
- Scissors - Multiple types large and small
- Retractor
- Periotome
- Endotracheal Tube
- Kidney Dish / Emesis Basin - complete with lid
- Kidney Dish / Emesis Basin - different sizes
- Kidney Dish / Emesis Basin - dented
- Surgical Beaker
- Surgical Bowls - two types
- Tray Flat
- Tray Big with Lid
- Surgical Trolley

- Predressed combination of the upper

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