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BLENDER EEVEE Portellone a 4 porte con passo lungo senza marca Modello 3D

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Licenza Royalty
- Tutti gli usi estesi
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3D Modello specificazioni
Codice prodotto:1398347
UV mappato:No
UV non avvolto:No
TurboSquid Membro da February 2017
Attualmente vende 233 prodotti
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senza punteggio
Car Name: SHC MCE 17

This car is rendered in realtime in Blender Eevee, to open the native Blender file, you will need Blender 2.8.

The price of this car is calculated on it's combination of parts and options in relationship to other MCE cars. The lower priced MCE cars have the same building quality as the higher priced ones, but the overal look and used parts will be better on the higher priced MCE cars. This allows me to release cars at accessable prices, and release better looking ones at a higher price. (all options for this car are listed at the bottom of the description)

This car is made with the SHC modular car creation tool.

Custom designed parts im a high detailed brandless/generic car with real modern cars inspiration that can be used for renders, presentations, real time apps and video games without displaying or copying any real life car model.

*Detailed exterior

*Detailed interior (can be removed to lower polycount)

*Detailed engine (can be removed to lower polycount)

*Detailed underside

*Materials and textures without shaders are available in the exported files.

*The Studio, materials and camera/door animations are included in the Blender file that is used to create all realtime renders for this car. everything in this file is set up, you only have to move the camera and click ''render''. (roughness is generated with the default texture file)

*The car is linked into several objects to make it more suitable for animations, opening doors, rigging and modifying / tuning / customizing.

*The car is royalty free, so you are free to modify and use it in any (commercial) project as much as you want.

*Objects: 50

File formats: (all file formats are exported with blender 2.8 default settings) *abc *blend *dae *fbx *obj *stl

[Options] Car Body: Extended Wheelbase 4 door sedan

Engine: (Engine block can be removed to simulate an electric car, the mechanical parts under the hood will remain) V6

Sport pack: No

Front bumper: Tier 5

Rear bumper: Tier 2

Dashboard: Tier 3

Exhaust: Tier 3

Wheels: Tier 3

Glass Roof: No

Seats: Comfort Seats

Executive rear seats with table and screens: Yes

Trim Color: Matte chrome

Interior Leather Color: Brown

Tinted Rear Windows: No

Wheel Color: Black
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