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Kit di persone animate LowPoly di ArchViz Modello 3D

Licenza Royalty
- Tutti gli usi estesi
Formati inclusi
3ds Max 2012 Default Scanline
Rigged Male and Female 3ds Max 2012
Rigged Male and Female FBX 2013
ArchViz demo scene - mental ray
Crowd Demo scene - mental ray
Populated World illustration scene - mental ray
Main signature image rendering scene - mental ray

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3D Modello specificazioni
Codice prodotto:1005365
Geometria:Polygonal Ngons used
UV mappato:No
UV non avvolto:Mixed
TurboSquid Membro da January 2005
Attualmente vende 188 prodotti
Valutazione del prodotto
10 Valutazioni inviate
Nov 21, 2017
Very good model, this artist always provide the best.
LowPoly Style animated people kit! Ideal for architectural visualizations. Created with 3ds Max 2012, easy to export to any software that supports FBXs.

TIP: Skeleton-free single object characters that you can use with 3ds Max Object Paint tool!

Suitable for Low Poly concept designs, presentations, animation, explaining videos and especially Architectural Visualizations.


Male and female humanoids in the popular and convenient LowPoly style, designed to be neutral while attractive, you will need them maybe not as the main subject of your presentation video, but to help your project look populated with living beings. No more that boring frozen posed ArchViz people. These are original design and creation by the author based on its own knowledge and research.

|| SPECS ||

A single male character has 212 polygons.
A single female character has 239 polygons.
The full set of 14 models sums 3157 polygons.

This model is not intended for mesh subdivision from its original concept but you can experiment for achieving new effects.

Units system is: 1 unit = 1 cm.
The male character is approximate: 166cm tall.
The female character is approximate: 153cm tall.

The material is standard with a diffuse color. Current material is irrelevant since most time you'll wish to change it to properly match your scene.

The renderer is also irrelevant. The main file is currently using Default Scanline while most renders in the presentation were using mental ray. These models are neutral to any renderer you want to use.

|| SETUP ||

What makes these characters unique is the 'Skeleton-Free' setup. They are animated using only morph targets, this way you can handle them very easy, cloning and transforming without the hassles of typical character that use a bone system and skin modifier.

Each model is a single Editable Poly mesh with a Morpher modifier with about 3-6 morph targets.

All animation are loopable and infinite! Most of the cycles are of 120 frames while other few loops at 240 frames. (30fps).

I call these models 'Drag&Drop characters' because you only need to drag and drop them wherever you want and forget.


- The male and female characters rigged with Biped + Skin as .MAX and .FBX are included!
- All the scenes that make this presentation are included! (See Other Files right side ---> )
- Therefore, the colorful low poly earth is included with the illustration scene!
- Included a set of 14 FBX files ready to import into Unity 5 or any other software that supports FBX.

Purchase and Enjoy!
Any questions please contact via support.
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