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LowPoly City People Rigged Mega-Pack Modello 3D

3ds Max 2016  |  Default Scanline
Unity 2020.3
FBX 2014-2015
Altri file
3D Modello specificazioni
1,000 poligoni
1,000 vertici
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometria
UV mappato
Mixed UV non avvolto
Codice prodotto: 1695622
181 Prodotti
da 2005

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Includes 100 LowPoly Style characters!

Ideal for populating your scene with diverse people of all ages and and different outfits. Created with 3ds max 2016, easy to export to any software that support FBX. (Or .OBJ without rig)

FUN FACT: All characters share same unique texture of only 256x256 pixels.

NOTE: * Download FREE sample in additional files*


10/2021 - Unity package improvements and fixes: Unified material, folders and prefabs.

09/2021 - Added 8 extra characters to reach the 100 mark!

09/2021 - Added people in swimsuit and little kids. (Reorganized zip files)

08/2021- Added 10 elder people characters

07/2021- Added alternative characters with anti-COVID-19 masks. Total: +40.

Suitable for Low Poly concept designs, AR/VR/Mobile games, architectural visualizations, advertising animations, presentations and explaining videos.

This mega-Pack includes 7 other bundles that you can also purchase as separated product or visit their pages in order to see more rendered images:

- City people (20) - product ID: 1379814

- Professions (20)- product ID: 1459321

- Downtown people (20) - product ID: 1692298

- Boys and Girls (6) - product ID: 1561074

- Elders (10) - product ID: 1772033

- In Swimsuit (10) - product ID: 1776559

- Little Kids (6) - product ID: 1780379

- Extras (8) [Mechanics, nun, pilot, etc... ] are EXCLUSIVE to this product!


Each character is unique hand made model. These are original design and creation by the author based on its own knowledge and research. Organized and checked using scripting to ensure quality and standardization.


Each model have around 1000 polygons average. Not intended for mesh subdivision from its original concept but you can experiment for achieving new effects.

Units system is:>

The material is standard with a diffuse color. Suitable for lit or unlit rendering.

Each file contains a single character with its skeleton without any lights or cameras. The intention is to be ready and clean for import anywhere.


One unique texture for all! Small PNG of 256x256 pixels.

Each polygon is mapped to a single texel color. Very easy to edit with pX Poly Paint scripted tool on my website.


Each model is a single Editable Poly mesh rigged with Skin modifier and Biped system.

(For Biped: Included PosePack.cpy with 25 common poses)

When exporting as FBX use 'toExport' named selection set.

Tested Unity 2020.3 humanoid rig compatibility.

Basic animations (Walking, Running, Idle) included as separated pack of MAX, BIP and FBX format.

Includes clean model version for you to create your own rigs. See additional files.


Made to be customized. Each character preserve the Symmetry modifier and the Skin was applied without manual vertex edit, only envelop adjustments. So you can any time go down the stack and edit the mesh without trouble.

Purchase and Enjoy!

Any questions please contact via support.

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