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Boy Cartoon Head Modello 3D

Nov 16, 2020
CheckMate Pro Certificato
3ds Max 2015  |  Corona 4
FBX 2014
Texture files
3D Modello specificazioni
12,824 poligoni
13,274 vertici
Polygonal Quads only Geometria
UV mappato
non-overlapping UV non avvolto
Codice prodotto: 1211379
51 Prodotti
da 2015

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Lovely made high quality 3D model of a cartoon boys head.


Comes up with stylized:
- hair
- head
- tweed cap
- eyes
- mouth cavity
- superior teeth
- inferior teeth
- eyelashes
- eyebrows

Has 4K (4096) .tif textures for:
- head [skin, eyelashes, mouth cavity and teeth] (diffuse and glossiness)
- hair [main hair and eyebrows] (diffuse and normal map)
- clothes [tweet cap] diffuse, normal map, glossiness and bump)

Has a 1k (1024) .tif texture for:
- eyes (diffuse, bump and ior)

Units (Scene and system units are in centimetres.):
Width: 51,5 cm (20.27 inch)
Length: 60,5 cm (23.82 inch)
Height: 53,6 cm (21.10 inch)

- All mesh parts are clean unwrapped with no overlapping.

- The mesh parts are optimized for animation purposes. (Quads only.)

- Clean and logic mesh flow.

- The eyes are complete round.

Rendered with corona render. File contains a full render setup with lights and camera and is ready to render.

Original character concept by myself (Claudius Vesting).

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