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Terreno di grandi dimensioni - Nevada Modello 3D

Licenza Royalty
- Tutti gli usi estesi
Formati inclusi
Maya 2015 Ext1 mental ray
Maya 2015 Ext1 V-Ray 3.10.01
Maya 2015 Ext1 Arnold 1.23
3ds Max 2014 V-Ray 3.20.03
FBX 2011

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3D Modello specificazioni
Codice prodotto:1031991
UV mappato:Yes
UV non avvolto:Yes, non-overlapping
TurboSquid Membro da July 2006
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senza punteggio
The model represents a large scale region from Nevada desert, US. This region is bounded with approximation by Savory Mountain in the North, Moonshine Peak in the North - West , Fishhook Ridge in the East, Morey Peak in the South - East and the Tulle Mountain and Table Mountain in the South - West . Excellent for presentations, aerial views or fly-through.
The terrain comes with multiple mesh and texture resolutions that allows a great flexibility.For more details, please read the public description .pdf file from the preview section.
To keep the file size to a minimum, all the maps that are packed with the model are at the lowest resolution.They are very easy to be replaced with higher resolution ones.
- 56 x 48 kilometers terrain area ( around 35 x 30 miles ) ;
- up to 56k x 48k texture resolution ;
- all meshes are quads ;
- multiple options for the terrain mesh resolution from 700k to 8 million polygons ;
-scenes are using a proper linear workflow (please read the attached documentation);
- all the .fbx files have all the textures embeded ;
- all the lights and atmospheric effects are included ;
- the model needs no subdivisions (though it is subdividable);
- proper technical documentation (see the attached pdf files)
Every scene have two meshes , on two different layers.
- a 714640 (700k) polygon faces preview mesh (visible layer);
- a 2 043 842 (2 million) polygon faces mesh (hidden layer) ;
- 8 186 241 (8 million) polygon faces in obj format;
- 6 138 320 (6 million) polygon faces in obj format;
- 4 090 149 (4 million) polygon faces in obj format;
- 3 065 311 (3 million) polygon faces in obj format;
- 1 020 085 (1 million) polygon faces in obj format;

If you need a higher resolution mesh simply import the corresponding obj file and drop the terrain material on it.
- 12288 x 14336 (14k) multi tiled color map ;
- 15360 x 17920 (17k) multi tiled normal map;
- 15360 x 17920 (17k) multi tiled specular map;
- 8192 x 4096 color map for the sky dome;
- 7022 x 8192 (8k) color map for the preview mesh;
- 49152 x 57344 (56 k) multi tiled color map ;
- 30720 x 35840 (35k) multi tiled normal map ;
- 30720 x 35840 (35k) multi tiled specular map;
- 24576 x 28672 (28k) multi tiled color map ;
- 7022 x 8192 (8k) normal map for the low resolution mesh;
- 7022 x 8192 (8k) specular map for the low resolution mesh;

The textures are in jpg file format at maximum quality.The uncompressed .tiff files are available at the highest resolution.
All the scenes share the same textures - no modifications are needed from one format to another.To use the optional maps please extract the maps with the desired resolution and place them in the same directory by simply replacing the existing maps.
The presentation images were rendered using the highest resolution mesh and maps in mentalray for Maya 2015 ext1 , except some images rendered with V-Ray, 3ds max V-Ray or Arnold which are labeled properly.The model measures 10 000 units in length and 8570 units in width.The units are centimeters.
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