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IVY! su colonne Modello 3D

Licenza modello 3D: Standard    Aggiorna licenza
3ds Max 9
3D Studio
3D Modello specificazioni
100,000 poligoni
75,000 vertici
Polygonal Geometria
Unknown UV non avvolto
Codice prodotto: 349399
12 Prodotti
da 2005

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Hedera (English name ivy, plural ivies) is a genus of 15 species of climbing or ground-creeping evergreen woody plants in the family Araliaceae, native to the Atlantic Islands, western, central and southern Europe, northwestern Africa and across central-southern Asia east to Japan . On suitable surfaces (trees and rock faces), they are able to climb to at least 25–30 metres above the basal ground level - taken from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .

These IVY 3D models climb on 5 different columns, each ~3 meters in height . 5 different shapes / sizes / diameters / heights .

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