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Catena montuosa Desert Valley 41 Modello 3D

Jan 10, 2018
CheckMate Pro Certificato
3ds Max 2009  |  V-Ray 2,4
3ds Max 2009  |  Default Scanline
Altri file
3D Modello specificazioni
62,852 poligoni
63,385 vertici
Polygonal Quads only Geometria
UV mappato
Codice prodotto: 1239398
436 Prodotti
da 2004

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This is complete scene of landscape, desert and mountain. Prepared for hi-res renders and games.
Complete package - ready to use scene and additional files for further work.

Textures are repeatable, masked with maps, so ground look good in close up. Intended to walk on.

Dimension of terrain model - 2,5km x 2,5km.

Model uses displace map so mesh is subdividable, you can adjust amount of details and polycount, from Low Poly up to high detailed surface.
'TurboSmooth' placed below 'Displace' modifier so subdivision visibly add details.
Polycount of terrain after merged modifiers:

- subdivision 0: 62.500 polygons,
- subdivision 1: 250.000 polygons,
- subdivision 2: 1.000.000 polygons,
- whole scene: 62.852 polygons,

Two versions included:

- 3ds max - standard version with standard materials, no light, default renderer, atmosphere, sun,
- V-Ray version with V-Ray materials, light and render setups (ready to render like images above), atmosphere, sun,

Preview renders are raw renders from V-Ray file, no post production.

Exported formats:
No bugs, Uv works correctly. Obviously there is no light in exported formats.
Each format have three versions exported - low poly, mid poly and high poly with polycount as noted above.
You can also use attached displace map to build terrain from plane and control polycount as well (like in 3ds max version). Skydome object included.

For real time engines you can import FBX model or build
landscape inside engine editor from included displacement map.

There are 9 textures:

- color 1- 8192 x 8192 px,
- color 2 - 8192 x 8192 px,
- color 3 - 4096 x 4096 px,
- blend map 1 - 8192 x 8192 px,
- blend map 2 - 8192 x 8192 px,
- normal map - 4096 x 4096 px,
- specular - 4096 x 4096 px,
- skydome - 6400 x 1600 px,

- displace maps mountain shape - 16384 x 16384 px,

Model made without ngons and to keep polycount as low as possible.

CHECK MATE PRO standard:

- no isolated or overlapped vertices,
- no overlapped faces,
- no ngons, 100% quads (even skydome),
- real world scale, objects at 100% scale at object level,
- grouped, ready to merge into the scene,

Like all our products this scene is useful and easy to modify.

In this product there is no problem with multiplied materials and textures.
Each object is assigned only one material so there is no annoying Multi/Sub-Object materials.
Materials, maps and objects are clearly named in English. Objects placed on layer, very easy to work with.
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