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1932 Ford Custom Truck Modello 3D

Ford License
- Prodotto con licenza ufficiale

Ogni utilizzo richiesto verrà esaminato e approvato individualmente o negato a discrezione del licenziante.

Ford License
- Prodotto con licenza ufficiale

Ogni utilizzo richiesto verrà esaminato e approvato individualmente o negato a discrezione del licenziante.

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Lightwave 2015.3 Other 2018.6

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3D Modello specificazioni
Codice prodotto:1329905
UV mappato:No
UV non avvolto:No
TurboSquid Membro da June 2018
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Custom Truck Objects/Scenes/Objects/Animations/Pictures/Extra Objects - - READ THIS FIRST or print it out for your information -

I built this object to see if I still remembered how. I started working with Lightwave when the Amiga Computer and the Toaster first came out. I worked with it all the time.
I had to quit for about 15 years because of my job. I then updated to Lightwave 2018.6 and everything was changed, so I built this object and scenes using what I knew the best, Lightwave 2015.3.It will go into and work with Lightwave 3D 2018.6.

I have sized the truck to the regular size for you and included all the objects and scenes.

The SCENE, OBJECT and IMAGE folders are all duplicated. That is just in case. Also, all scenes and Objects are also duplicated, at least once.

There are also the animation files converted to low res that goes with the scene files. Pictures are also included.

I did move one scene to Lightwave 2018.6. You might have to set the colors again and check the motion options. Outside of that, it worked fine.

================= FEATURES ==================

1. Use the main scenes to setup your work. Then, save your results under another name. Then you will then have your main scenes to always start from. NEVER from the LAYOUT
screen use the SAVE ALL OBJECTS, because you will not be able to fix them in Modeler and have them come into your scene corrected after that.

2. Both the doors open and close and have their rotation points set. Use rotation to open and close them.

3. The wheels have their center points set and all rotate according to the speed of the truck. The exception is the 360 degree scene which they are turned off. If you wish
to turn off the wheels from rotation, then select the item in objects then press the 'M' key for motions menu and uncheck the box you see. Dont mess with anything else. To
turn them back on again, just pull up the motion menu and put a check the box again.

4. All the pullys turn on the engine and the fan. The same applies to them as the wheels. The belt doesnt turn and is parented to the engine.

5. all lights work and with volumetrics. The same thing applies to them under the lights menu. Settings have already been set.


-* ----- The One Sized Truck scene is named 2-CorrectSizeTruckOneObjectinLayers.lwo and the doors, engine pullys and fan work according to the speed of the truck and wheels work.

If you wish to change beds from OPEN to CLOSED or vice versa bring up the the number 2 for sized objects, then select the bed of the truck you wish to replace and then select the right OBJECT BED for the SIZED BED for the SIZED object. DO NOT save all objects in the scene. Setup your scene and then save the scene NOT ALL OBJECTS.

These objects have all the objects parented to the FRAME.The FRAME is not parented to anything.

IMPORTANT - To move the truck in all scenes, select the FRAME first by selecting the object button. Everything is parented to the frame. So if you move the frame all the
objects move with it in all sized truck scenes.

One night scene has all the volumetrics enabled. If you wish to turn these off, go to the lights menu and uncheck the volumetric box. don't mess with the volumetrics settings unless you wish to as they will remain the same. So if you wish to turn on the lights using them again just check the box and they will work.

By going the the different menuing options, you can learn about th
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