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Birdhouse con 5 uccelli animati Modello 3D

3D Modello specificazioni
0 poligoni
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Codice prodotto: 422068
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da 2003

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Birdhouse with 5 animated birds

Modelled and animated by Torsten Schneyer, Anders und Seim neue Medien AG.

This is a big Package with a birdhouse (in winter) and five european songbirds with all the important textures and animations. Use this models,
if you need realistic, anatomical correct and cute birds and a bird house in your animation or game. With their low polycount they ideal for realtime engines!

The kind of brids are blackbird, chaffinsch, blue tit, siskin and sparrow.

This songbird meshes come with 1696 polygons and 825 points. Because of that you can use them in realtime-engines or in high numbers in your render-scene.
The house has 5566 polygons and 5577 points, it has some snow and ice on it.

The textures for the birds are made of real songbird-feather-shots and
represent the correct colors of this species.
The wing and tail feathers are supplied with alpha maps.
The house is fully papped with high quality bark and wood textures.

The birds are fully rigged and equipped with 65 bones to garant
usability for any bird-animations. Please consider, that this are no cartoon-characters, but realistic birds.
The rigging supports all kind of running, hopping, sitting, picking, spreading wings and tail, flying of course, looking around and so on. Without big efforts you can spread their wings and let them start!
There are three anime cycles for each bird included in the lws-files:

1. A 'flight' animation of 40 frames, for normal flying.
2. A 'landing' animation of 40 frames, with spreaded tail feathers and outstretched legs and claws
3. A 'sit' animation of 400 frames, containing some turnings, hoppings, pickings and looking arrounds.

You can buy each bird individual, just look at my other distributed models.

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