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Batteria Bal-E Modello 3D

3ds Max 5.0  |  Default Scanline
Lightwave 6.0  |  Other
Softimage 3.5  |  Other
3D Studio
3D Modello specificazioni
1 poligoni
1 vertici
Polygonal Geometria
UV mappato
Codice prodotto: 1040510
620 Prodotti
da 2003

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This collection represent a battery of Russian coastal missile system Bal-E and contain three individual products inside:
1.Bal-E launcher in deployed and stowed positions ($130 individual price)
2. Bal-E transporter/loader in transported and reloaded positions ($150 individual price)
3. Monolit-B radar ($120 individual price),
and offer 5 models in total for very special price $300.

All the models are real-world scaled and hierarchically linked, all objects and materials have correspondent unique names.

Bal-E (NATO designation SSC-6 Stooge) is new Russian coastal missile system, designed to engage any type of vessels at the distance of 120km. It can be deployed at hidden positions at a distance 10km from the coast. Each launcher armed with 8 cruise missiles Kh-35 (X-35), which can be launched in any order, one by one or all at once, depend on combat situation. Bal-E entered into service in 2008 and exported in some Asian countries, like Vietnam and Iran.
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