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Bambola m01 Modello 3D

di Tmin
Licenza modello 3D: Standard    Aggiorna licenza
3ds Max 2009  |  V-Ray 2.00.02
FBX 2013
OBJ ZBrush
3D Modello specificazioni
190,064 poligoni
204,639 vertici
Polygonal Quads only Geometria
UV mappato
overlapping UV non avvolto
Codice prodotto: 990439
131 Prodotti
da 2011

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This is a detailed, fully textured 3d model.
This model is suitable for use in design visualisation.
Originally created with 3ds Max 2009, all preview images are rendered with V-Ray as Renderer.

Modeled in realistic sizes and proportions (mm).
Lights and cameras are not included in the file.
Displacement not used in the materials.

This model contains 15 seperate objects.
bow_01; pol.-724(quads),1448(triangles), ver.-832
bow_02; pol.-442(quads),884(triangles), ver.-609
bow_03; pol.-1980(quads),3960(triangles), ver.-2211
bow_04; pol.-442(quads),884(triangles), ver.-609
bow_05; pol.-1980(quads),3960(triangles), ver.-2211
bow_06; pol.-1476(quads),2952(triangles), ver.-1612
doll_body; pol.-8702(quads),17404(triangles), ver.-8818
dress; pol.-18144(quads),36288(triangles), ver.-18634
eyelashes; pol.-6532(quads),13064(triangles), ver.-7104
hair; pol.-126791(quads),253582(triangles), ver.-137636
slipper; pol.-3656(quads),7312(triangles), ver.-3712
sundress; pol.-11067(quads),22134(triangles), ver.-11868
tesma; pol.-400(quads),800(triangles), ver.-600
tesma_01; pol.-768(quads),1536(triangles), ver.-960
underwear; pol.-6960(quads),13920(triangles), ver.-7223

        * TEXTURES *
cloth_b.jpg - 1024x1024
crol_b.jpg - 1536x1536
crol_d.jpg - 1536x1536
doll_body_d.jpg - 1024x1024
doll_body_f.jpg - 512x512
doll_body_hg.jpg - 512x512
doll_body_n.jpg - 256x256
doll_body_r.jpg - 512x512
doll_body_rg.jpg - 512x512
linen_4_b.jpg - 2000x2000
polos.jpg - 1024x1024
rose_a.jpg - 2048x2048
slipper_d1.jpg - 2048x2048
slipper_d2.jpg - 2048x2048
slipper_f.jpg - 512x512
slipper_n.jpg - 2048x2048
slipper_r.jpg - 512x512
slipper_rg.jpg - 1024x1024
stitching_a.jpg - 2048x2048
stitching_b.jpg - 2048x2048
tesma_01_a.jpg - 1024x209
tesma_01_b.jpg - 1024x209
tesma_01_d.jpg - 1024x209
tesma_a.jpg - 512x512
tesma_b.jpg - 512x512
tesma_d.jpg - 512x512
underwear_a.jpg - 512x172
underwear_b.jpg - 512x172
underwear_d.jpg - 512x172

You can add the smoothing by smoothing groups to this model and get more quality closeups visualisation.
The FBX 2013 version of model has the material vray and original UVW Mapping.
The OBJ version does not have the materials, the mesh retains all the correct UVW Mapping.
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