Our founding team of 3D artists created TurboSquid in the year 2000. We had started in the 3D industry in 1993, when technologies were primitive, and if a wireframe could update in more than one viewport at a time it was a big deal. In those years prior to TurboSquid, we focused on animation for 30 second broadcast spots and plugin development.

Through our animation work we created a fantastic library of models, but there was no easy way to give them to friends or even sell them. At the same time, there were few places to buy models when we were in a production on a job and running out of time. So we took our problem, and our interest in the web, and created TurboSquid.

At TurboSquid’s start in 2000, letting anyone upload and publish something for sale instantly was revolutionary – people wondered what kinds of craziness could happen. We’ve come a long way since then, and more than 2.5 million people have joined TurboSquid, with over 25,000 artists in our community working to satisfy the modeling needs of artist-customers worldwide.

Our mission is the same as it was when we started: To provide the world with inspiring 3D models that make it easier to be creative, and to give artists everywhere a chance to make a living as part of that community. It’s an honor for all of the staff to be a part of the creativity expressed through TurboSquid, even if all of our parents (and most of our friends) have no idea what we do!

Matt Wisdom, TurboSquid’s CEO, was part of the founding team and continues to lead the company of more than 75 staff members today.