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Architectural Sky Environments

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Bundle of 10 high-resolution sky environment textures, which are seamlessly tilable. Based upon customer's request, they have been especially created for the needs of architecural visualization purposes.

• Very high resolution (but not yet exceeding the RAM capacity of a standard PC)
• Covering a full sphere around the viewer
• Seamlessly tilable
• Softer shapes, reduced contrast (as compared to my other sky textures) for less distraction from any foreground objects
• No visible sun disc baked into texture, thereby allowing for more scene lighting freedom.

This collection consists of the following products:
- Alaska Sky
- Amorphous Sky (daylight sky with low contrast)
- Fairytale Sunset
- Naive Sky (Airbrush kind of sky for non-photoreal purposes)
- Cirrus Sky (very friendly daylight sky with beautiful thin clouds)
- Winter Sunset (ideal for supporting a beautifully mysterious twilight situation)
- Dawning Twilight (same, captures the mood about half an hour before sunrise)
- Stormy Twilight Sky (intentionally looks like taken from an oil painting)
- Santa Barbara Sky (roughly based upon photographic references of a 'typical Santa Barbara Sky' :-)) and
- Classic Sunset

In case that your desired sky isn't included in this collection, check out my other assets as well (click on vendor name to receive an overview)

Q: May I not use just an ordinary photo backdrop for my scenes?
A: A fully immersive environment like these not only gives you a nice BACKGROUND, but also generates the necessary REFLECTIONS and REFRACTIONS on your models, no matter which direction they are aligned. Along with skylight/GI rendering techniques, it also supports your SCENE LIGHTING greatly with huge positive impact on REALISM

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