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Welrod Mk1 modèle 3D

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3D Modèle Caractéristiques
ID du produit:525129
Des polygones:3,608
Les textures:No
UV mappé:Unknown
UV non emballés:Unknown
TurboSquid Membre depuis April 2006
Vend actuellement 195 des produits
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la description
General Information:
The Welrod Mk1 is a silenced pistol which was designed for use during WWII. Seeing as most units would be used in occupied Europe, the decision was made to chamber the Welrod Mk1 for 9mm luger ammunition. Extremely simple construction ensured that the Welrod Mk1 was easy to produce, maintain and operate. The suppressor unit used a series of baffled chambers, as well as a vented barrel section, to greatly reduce the sonic signature of the weapon. Although not entirely silent, the report of the Welrod Mk1 has been compared to that of a moderate hand clap.

Asset Notes:
-Specifically engineered for use in 3D games.

Model information:
-Model is optimized for use in realtime render applications.
-Model is composed of solid, closed polygonal mesh objects.
-Model can be separated into various components.

Technical information:
- Verts: 3294
- Tris: 6577
- Faces: 3608

Copyright notice:
-3D Model(s), texture(s) and image(s) copyright © 2010 Specter Arts

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