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Cockpit de la navette spatiale (High Poly) modèle 3D

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A high-poly model of the Space Shuttle (Orbiter) Flight Deck. All labels and controls are accurate, as are most of the screws/bolts. This was created over the course of six months using NASA manuals, blueprints, and hi-res photos. It's as accurate as I could make it, but there are few things to be aware of:

1.) The Space Shuttle was in use for over 30 years (1981-2011, not counting prototypes, etc). Numerous upgrades occured during that time, including an extensive MEDS (CRT Screen) update in the 1990s. Additionally, several aspects of the cockpit were customizable for specific missions. Therefore, there isn't one 'correct' version of the flight deck. I went with the more modern features when reference material was available.

2.) All five of the original Orbiters (Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavor) had slightly different features in the cockpit. Please note that these are MINOR differences - the bulk of the controls, etc are identical. Where there were differences, I attempted to 'average' the features, so that this model could reasonably serve as any of the 5 orbiters. Of course, this means that it's not perfectly identical to any of them. It's largely based on the Discovery, however there are a few parts that belong to others.

3.) Please note that this is the FLIGHT DECK only - it doesn't include the passenger compartment, airlocks, etc. This is strictly an interior set model (In other words, you can look out of the windows but not into them, as none of the shuttle exterior has been modeled). This also means that the payload bay (normally visible through the rear windows) does not exist here.

-------------- INCLUDED TEXTURES ----------------

- 6 High-Resolution (6000 x 6000) PNG images for control panel labels
- 5 Display Screens (single image, 4000 x 2500) with transparent background
- 5 Display Screens (single image, 4000 x 2500) with blue/black background
- 10 Sticker/labels (2 images, 1000 x 1000) with transparent background
- Rear Monitor labels (single image, 500x800)
- Seat textures (2000 x 2000, labels and normal mapping for fabric)
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