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Costume Femme modèle 3D

Maya 2012  |  mental ray
ZBrush 4R6
Maya 2018  |  Arnold
3D Modèle Caractéristiques
214,035 Des polygones
215,899 Sommets
Polygonal Quads only Géométrie
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non-overlapping UV non emballés
ID du produit: 898273
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Depuis 2013

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This is a rigged model of a high detail female character with European appearance in business suit.Originally created with ZBrush and Maya using the Mentalray renderer.USAGEThis model is suitable for use in advertising, design visualisation,film, game cut scenes, etc.FACIAL EXPRESSION CONTROLis carried out by 2 control curves attributes. Select mouth or brows control curve and change desirable attributes in Channel Box. Handy way to do it is to select attributes with LMB, place cursor over viewport area, hold down MMB and move cursor from right or leftFEATURES- Model utilizes 45 Blend Shapes meshes for extensive facial expression control- realistic skinning achieved by using 45 additional joints throughout the body. Joints are driven by Set Driven Key and Expressions- Tongue is controlled by IK Spline Handle- Rigged with HumanIK.- Hair, brows and eyelashes are made using Maya Hair based on guide curves.- Model utilizes normal and displacement maps and mental ray subdivision approximation.- SSS (Sub Surface Scattering) skin shaders.SPECIFICATIONS- This model contains 51 seperate mesh objects.- Body                  Polys 15318   Objects: 1                            Verts 15320- Nails                  Polys 1200    Objects: 2                            Verts 1220- Eyes                  Polys 1732    Objects: 7                            Verts 1814- Mouth                Polys 1706    Objects: 5                            Verts 1636- Jacket               Polys 18644   Objects: 4                            Verts 9500- Skirt                   Polys 2138    Objects: 1                            Verts 2138- Pants                Polys 4624    Objects: 1                            Verts 4624- Blouse               Polys 7650    Objects: 2                            Verts 7674- Underwear       Polys 3458    Objects: 4                            Verts 3466- High heels         Polys 3806    Objects: 1                            Verts 3804      - Blend Shapes   Polys 162172 Objects: 45                            Verts 163543- Auxiliary            Polys 97    Objects: 4                            Verts 190   PRESENTATION IMAGES- All preview images are rendered with Mentalray- No compositing used, Product is ready to render aspreviews, Lights and cameras included in file.TEXTURES- All textures are in .tif format.- 4096x4096 for main body.- 4096x4096 and lower for rest.GENERAL- Model is built to real world scale.- Units used: cm, model is 177 cm tall on high heels.- Scene objects are organized by layers/Groups.- No third-party renderer or plug-ins needed.
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