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Biker (motocycliste) avec des couleurs facilement variables modèle 3D

par Vespa
3D Modèle Caractéristiques
24,000 Des polygones
0 Sommets
Polygonal Géométrie
Les textures
Unknown UV non emballés
ID du produit: 260674
2 Produits
Depuis 2005

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I have made this character to be suitable for any motorbike model. In the first place, there`s simple system of mask instead of classical texture, which allows modifying e.g. jacket color very easily just by adjusting the color in Material Editor. Of course it`s made so that you don`t lose the Bump, Specular and even Diffuse features, only the diffuse part of material is tinted through one of masks.

Also thne number of polygons can by changed - by e.g. hiding the face and turning of the Meshsmooth modifier you get a 4000 low poly game model, by turning everything on, theres 24000 hi-poly.

Have you bought a nice motorbike model, but have no one to ride it? It`s no problem with this model, its fully adjustable to fit both sportbikes like Yamaha R-1, the classical ones and even hardcore choppers.

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