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Ville modèle 3D

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3ds Max 2010  |  V-Ray
3D Modèle Caractéristiques
5,300,000 Des polygones
3,300,000 Sommets
Polygonal Géométrie
Les textures
UV mappé
ID du produit: 915607
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Depuis 2014

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Hires Model of a City:

> this is a vray scene!!!
> all maps are included
> the houses are lowres and simply mapped, not all maps will line up correctly at rooftops > this scene is optimized of areal shots, not for closeups!
> the scene is split up in different layers:
Downtown, midtown, residential 1 and 2, streets, trees, traffic, streetlamps
> the scene has some details like cars and streetlamps which create quite a polycount! simply disable the layer do deactivate traffic and streetlamps

> IMPORTANT: the trees are scattered using multiscatter!!! the mesh is not collapased due to its insane polycount of several hundret million polies.
if you dont have multiscatter installed the trees will not render
> the cars are very lowres
> the scale of the scene is not 1:1 - the whole area is 10x10m !!!
but you can simply upscale the whole scene to match your scale.

> the polycount without trees/cars/streetlamps is 166.000 polies!

> check out my other city model
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