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ZX-6R Kawasaki Ninja Sport Bike - 2000 modèle 3D

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Cinema 4D 8
3D Studio
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119,716 Des polygones
112,406 Sommets
Subdivision Géométrie
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Depuis 2002

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Kawasaki's Super Sport 600cc Motorcycle for the year 2000. This model was created using a real bike as refrence and it is modeled to scale. Every detail was meticulously reproduced. The Frame and most of the hard parts are polygon meshes; However, the bodywork, seats, wheels, handlebars, and a few other parts were modeled using Subdivision Surfaces. The bodywork texturing is done with UV Mapping and is supplied in Photoshop Format, as well as Jpeg Format.

The Native file format is Cinema 4D, with the cinema 4D file, the chain can be animated using an Xpresso expression that is applied to it. Animating the chain is as simple as animating a value and looping it. The Cinema 4D File also includes all the construction history.

The other file formats supplied have 2 detail levels of the model in them. Also, UV Mapping and Materials are preserved.

The Subdivision objects are also avaliable as an accompanying file. This is the Subdivision Surfaces objects with no smoothing applied to them. This can be used in other programs to achive the benefits of Subdivision Surfaces.

To Keep the file sizes low, you have the option of downloading the Photoshop Texture Pack as well as the JPEG Texture Pack in the accompanying files section below.

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