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enfer 06 finale modèle 3D

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3D Modèle Caractéristiques
ID du produit:213332
Des polygones:10,000
Les textures:Yes
UV mappé:Unknown
UV non emballés:Unknown
TurboSquid Membre depuis January 2003
Vend actuellement 63 des produits
Évaluation du produit
Non évalué
Les catégories
la description
This is a fully built, textured, and lit Boschian hell scene. It is economized, animated and ready to go for a high-quality and fast-rendering set. This hell contains over 15 animated articulated characters including skeletons, devil birds, human victims, and Jesus Christ himself struggling to escape the cross. In addition to this there are glowing firey pits, talking skull heads, animated camera, and many models and imagery from the classic hell paintings of Hieronymus Bosch.

This model was built in Maya 5.0 with both polygons and nurbs surfaces which are optimized for maya raycast with very nice results. A collection of 80 carefully prepared texture maps are included to make this render completely ready to go upon opening. There are at least 15 characters already animated in small cycles of torture such as kicking, struggling, fighting, fucking, and hitting. (all common activites in hell). The file is an 80Mg file with 20% scene file, and the rest hi-quality texures so you can fly very close and far from all objects in hell.

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