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Sofa Hamilton photoréaliste modèle 3D

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Depuis 2011

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A meticulously modelled version of Rodolfo Dordoni's Hamilton Island sofa for Minotti.
The model is highly detailed, with individually modelled folds and stitches, and is ideal for highly photorealistic renders.
Give your interior archiviz a touch of class, and your renderer a treat, with this very accurate version of Minotti's comfortably lavish couch.
Although the degree of detail is painstaking, the model is not overly heavy polywise and will sit easily even in crowded scenes without slowing the most modest of systems.
The cushions, pillows and main body, as well as the steel structure, are all separated for easy editing. The soft parts are carefully UV-mapped and the model comes with a complimentary full set of fabric textures for a variety of looks.
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