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Robot Factory et Collection Warehouse modèle 3D

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4,452,090 Sommets
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Depuis 2012

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SAVE $199 compared to buying these two sets individually!

This is a two-set collection:

1) Cargo Warehouse with Robot (Turbosquid Item # 827718)

2) Massive Modular Robot Factory 3D model (Turbosquid Item # 1371793)

This warehouse set is a massive cargo storage facility with forklifts, workers, conveyor systems, loading docks, a vast assortment of containers including Conex boxes, and a large palletizing robot cell.

The robotic factory set is a massive, fully modular assembly plant including industrial robots with varied tool attachments, conveyor systems, ventilated robotic paint cells, industrial 3D printers, robotic floor droids, human workers, and component assembly areas.

These model sets were constructed after researching a wide array of modern warehouses and robotic manufacturing facilities - specifically focusing on heavy-duty and light-duty industrial robots; common tool attachments used in various manufacturing operations; floor-based and overhead conveyor systems; robotic material movers (floor droids); and industrial 3D printers. The sets have been arranged into logical floor arrangements and have been designed to be as modular as possible so you can easily customize or start entirely from scratch to build your own layouts.

Both male and female human models are included. These figures are designed for static posing and snapshots. The human models have overlapping ball joint connections between limbs (right down to individual finger joints) to allow easy articulation/posing without the need for rigging.

In all model construction, care has been taken to maintain balance between polygon efficiency and good 3D detail at close range. Nearly all objects in the sets are texture mapped with a combination of specific and seamless textures. Both color maps and separate bump maps are used. (3DS, OBJ, DAE, and FBX exports also use texture maps; DWG does not.) The majority of the maps are 1024x1024 pixels. All have been manually UV mapped and adjusted for good fit with minimized stretching.

Both sets are modeled to proper scale in meters using many reference photos and sizing specifications. For realism, nearly all texture maps have been generated from original photos of surfaces including concrete, stucco, metal, painted surfaces, etc. Lights are also included (.max file only).
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