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B747-8F Atlas Air modèle 3D

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B747-8 Full Freighter High defenition 3D aircraft model.

Features: detailed animated and textured landing gear, gear bays and doors. The secundary flightcontrols (flaps, spoilers and leading edge slats) are seperated parts and has been animated. The primary flightcontrols (rudder, elevators and ailerons) are seperated parts and ready for animation.

The engines have a sperated fan disk which can be animated. The thrust reversers are allready animated.

On this model the nose cargodoor, maindeck side cargodoor and the lower forward and aft cargodoor aswell as the bulk cargodoor has been animated. Also modelled and textured are the forward, aft and maindeck cargo hold. The main deck has 3 animated entrance doors (1 forward of the wing 2 at the back of the plane, just like the real 747 freighter aircraft.

Further more we modelled for you the probes, antenna's and windshield wipers. The cockpit is modelled in low quality but includes the crew seats and main instrument panels (low detail)

Overall this model is highly detailed. Very useable and complete for every purpose. As a bonus we added a freight pallet for you on the main cargo deck. high quality textures as can be seen in the preview images, are provided and comes in a seperated folder.

The gear swing sequence is animated like the real 747 aircraft, which makes it suiteable for animation video's, the body and wing gears are tilted for landing configuration between animation frame 0 to 80. Above frame 80 the gears go to the ground mode.

Model can also be used for flight simulation program's.

Animation as being seen in the preview images are only working in .max .3ds .xsi .x .fbx and .cob formats. Animations are devided into 4 situations.

- Flight mode, frame 0: clean model, everything retracted.
- Landing mode, frame 0-80: gear and flaps down, leading edges
- Touch down mode, frame 80-81: gear suspension.
- Rollout mode, frame 81-100: entrance and cargo doors
opens, spoiler and thrust reversers deployed.

Please download the screenshots below for a better presentation.

Copyright 3Dplanemodels - 2010

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