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PBR (Rigged): Infirmière zombie modèle 3D

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Oct 31, 2017
CheckMate Pro Agréé
3ds Max 2017  |  Corona 1.6hotfix1
Other 3.02
Other textures
FBX 2013
Other gamemesh
3D Modèle Caractéristiques
38,666 Des polygones
44,929 Sommets
Polygonal Quads/Tris Géométrie
Les textures
UV mappé
Mixed UV non emballés
ID du produit: 1214920
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Depuis 2014

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Zombie Nurse Character Real-time Model

Game Ready Zombie Nurse Character - PBR ready

Character was rendered in 3dsmax with Corona Render (vers.1.6 hotfix 1) with PBR textures.

Character was also rendered in Marmoset Toolbox 3 to show real-time quality. Marmoset scene included.

Package includes 2 types of character:

Designcharacter and Gamecharacter :

---------------Design character main features-----------------------

- Separate texturesets with high-res Texture resolution
- Corona Render Setup in 3dsmax with corona shaders
- exported character as FBX 2013
- useful for customization like removing of accessoires
- Corona and common PBR textures

Design character parts and texture Resolution:

Body: 4096 x 4096
Shoes: 2048 x 2048
Eyes 1024x1024
Details 2048 x 2048
Hat 2048 x 2048
Outfit(nurse) 4096x4096
Syringe 2048x2048
Teeth 2048x2048
Watch 2048x2048
mouth blood hanging 512x512 (can be easily removed)
Mask 2048x2048
Keys 1024x1024
Stethoscope 2048x2048
Name Shield 1024x1024
Wimpels 256x256

Design character PBR texture types:

Albedo (Color)
AO (Ambient Occlusion)

Design character PBR texture types

Albedo (Color)
Opacity (for destroyed Cloth)

Design character 3dsmax scene

Character standing in action Pose with assigned Corona textures and materials.Ready to render.
Pose can be turned into A-pose in 3dsmax, under biped options.

---------------Game character main features-----------------------

It's the same character but optimized for games.

- UVs are combined to 2 texture sets
- 3 extra skinned LOD levels for performance ingame
- PBR textures
- exported character as FBX 2013

Game character parts and texture Resolution

- Character 8192x8192px
- Hair 2048x2048

Game character texture types

Albedo (Color)
AO (Ambient Occlusion)

Game character 3dsmax scene:
Character standing in action A Pose

Both Character are rigged and skinned with 3dsmax native Biped. Biped supports BIP mocap data

-------------------------------Character mesh--------------------------
Polys: 38666
Tris: 75.601
Verts : 44929

---------------------------------Real world scale------------------------
Both Character are same size
Body Ca.169cm. With nurse hat 173cm.

Professional UV Layout

Model not intended for subdivision.

-------------------------Textures Formats------------------------------

---------------------------Marmoset scene-----------------------------
Package contains Marmoset Toolbag scene with Character in A-pose, shader setup and assigned textures.
Marmoset Vers. 3.02

----------------------------FBX 2013-------------------------------------
Exported Character in A-pose with bones in FBX Format 2013

Welcome to see my other characters here on Turbosquid by clicking on my artist name.

Have fun! :)
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