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Station d'épuration modèle 3D

3D Modèle Caractéristiques
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3D model of a water treatment plant. Note that although conventional water treatment plants are very good in removing the major debris, sand, ... they are not very good in removing microbial organisms, nor filtering out toxic components (ie arsenic, ...). To remove the microbes, chlorination is used, or (more recently) UV-filters (which are allot more environmentally friendly). To remove toxic components, additional carbon filters need to be placed. Nevertheless, to make potable water, solar water distillation plants or reverse osmosis water treatment plants (to filter water from the sea) are more cost-effective solutions.

1: archimedean screws
2: coarse sieve
3: fine sieve
4: grit chamber
5: adding of alumium sulphate & lime
5: pre-settling basin
6: activated sludge basin
8: settling basin
9: filtering basin
10: chlorination
11: rotary screw sludge thickener
12: anaerobic digester
13: methane gas collection

See the 'Purchasing_the_models' link at appropedia's AT_CAD_Team for additional information on the model
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