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UK Electric Fixtures Collection Classic White modèle 3D

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3ds Max 2012  |  mental ray
3ds Max 2012  |  V-Ray 2.0
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Detailed and realistic collection of over 15 standard UK electrical fixtures in classic white, built to real-world scale and ready to use in your renders.

---File Types / Materials / Renderers---

This collection of electrical fixtures was made in 3ds Max (2012) and optimised for mental ray and V-Ray (2.0) using procedural materials, and in the case of the shaver socket the included 1024x1024 texture.

Each object and its variations* (explained below) is provided in 5 separate file formats to suit your workflow. These formats are 3ds, fbx, obj and two max files; one for mental ray and another for V-Ray renderer.

Both the mental ray and V-Ray max files include lighting, and camera. And in the case of any objects with switches (ie. double light switch, plug socket, etc) rotational constraints have been applied so the switches can easilly be toggled on or off as required.

The fbx and 3ds versions also have materials applied.

The obj versions are just the individual fixture, separated into several objects, so you can easily apply the materials in whatever 3d program you use.


The phone sockets (single and double), RJ11 sockets (single and double), the phone/RJ11 combination socket, and the 45Amp cooker switch are all provided with multiple variations.

For the phone, RJ11 and combination sockets, versions of these sockets included in this download are: the unplugged 'A' version, and the plugged in 'B' version - which features an open slide plate and an accurately modelled UK standard 'BT' phone plug or network plug (BS 6312 or RJ11) .

The double sockets models also have 'C' and 'D' versions ('both sockets plugged in' and 'only right-hand socket plugged in' respectively).

The additional geometry of the plugged in 'B', 'C' and 'D' version makes them suitable for all but the most extreme close up shots.

Additionally, the max files include a strip of lofted spline cable (together with the shapes used in construction), you can easily modify should you wish to connect to your scene's telephone or computer modem.

For the 45Amp cooker switch, two versions 'ON' and 'OFF' are included. Aside from the rotation of the switch in either the on or off position, the max files of these versions include different self-Illumination/vraylight materials applied to the red neon light, so that the 'ON' version appears to be lit.
(If you're using another 3d program you should easilly be able to apply either a self-illuminating material or a small point light to the recess behind the red glass in this model.)

---Other Notes---

For international customers, please bear in mind that these models were made to be accurate to the UK specifications. So for example, the phone socket is a UK standard phone socket, and may be different to the connections in your country.

However, that said there is still some flexibility - the RJ11 sockets are used internationally; such as in the USA where they are used as phone sockets. Additionally, the unplugged phone socket is the same size and shape as an RJ45 socket, better known as a Cat-5 ethernet socket.   

All models and thier parts are logically named and grouped for ease of use.

In all cases, the scene renders are presented to give you an idea of the quality of the models; backdrops and accessories are not included.


For polygon counts and a full description of what's included please see the (free) supporting PDF file.
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