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Massive détaillée Space Cruiser modèle 3D

3ds Max 2008  |  Default Scanline
3D Studio
3D Modèle Caractéristiques
770,339 Des polygones
1,195,710 Sommets
Polygonal Quads/Tris Géométrie
Les textures
UV mappé
ID du produit: 705516
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Depuis 2008

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This is a very highly detailed science fiction ship model(MAX, 3DS and OBJ), designed to look approximately 4km in length. With large engines and five hangars, it is suited for multiple roles.

* The mesh makes efficient use of detail, delivering extreme detail while only weighing in at 770339 polygons with 1195710 vertices.
* The geometry is clean, being almost exclusively quads. There are some tris as well.
* All objects are UVW mapped, and 1000x1000 textures are included. Note that all details are polygonal; textures are used only to apply a metallic look.
* Texture paths are relative - no fiddling with textures are needed.
* No plugins are needed or used - simply open the file and render.
* Turrets are modeled as individual objects linked to the main object - they can be animated if desired.
* Detail levels are color-coded and objects named to quickly identify fine-grain details and hide them for distant renders.
* There are 389 objects, with the object face count kept under 24k per object.

The OBJ format provides compatibility with just about every 3D software package but is limited in the fact that there are no lighting or effect options - those must be recreated after importing the model. The 3DS version does include lights but they will require adjusting to get the same effect.
The MAX format includes all lighting and effects, and was used to create the product images. No additional work or plugins needed.

OBJ format tested in MAX, Lightwave, Vue and Poser
3DS format tested in MAX and Lightwave

In case you don't like the 150MB download, the preview video can be found on YouTube under the title 'New detailed 3D model of a spaceship'
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