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La table de nuit modèle 3D

3ds Max 2016  |  V-Ray 3.00.08
A wooden texture
3D Modèle Caractéristiques
28,603 Des polygones
14,646 Sommets
Polygonal Quads/Tris Géométrie
Les textures
Mixed UV non emballés
ID du produit: 1153918
16 Produits
Depuis 2016
A low poly wooden nightstand with nice looking bronze handles and pins. It's fully unwraped and have only one texture for diffuse and bump map. It is a real world scale measures 50x50x55 (WxLxH) 3D model. After downloading it will be needed to reupload texture file from your directory where you are going to put in the texture or just use your custom texture if you don't like this one, it's the low res texture and the model is only for distance render. The handles are modified with smooth modifier for better look of the model, the pins are not but they have more polygons for better smoothing. It is fully editable model. The images are in 1480x1480 for better look of the model.
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