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Champignons Psilocybe 3 types plus textures émissives - PBR AssetKit modèle 3D

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Mushroom Psilocybe 3 Types - PBR AssetKit

This asset kit contains a set of ten psilocybe mushrooms and clusters in different age,
ready to use in your 3d scenes, games, VR and AR.
The beautiful Psilocybe species comes in many diferent types, shapes and colors, I tried to recreate the habitus as closely as possible.
Also I included three different diffuse color maps of known species.
If you want to create 'Magic Mushrooms' for even bigger eyecatchers you can choose from three different types of emissive textures.

The mushroom meshes and textures are easy to use and to adjust to your liking, have a look at the wireframes.
The Geometry is optimized and subdivides well, it is ready to use for game engines.
You can use the low poly mushrooms with the included normal maps,
displace them with the included displacement maps or use every setup in between to adjust the performance to your needs.

The textures are 8k and I included a complete set of 2k textures as well.
As you can see in the renderings the details are sufficient even for very close shots.
There are three different types of emission textures for the mushrooms, one natural looking and two stylised ones.

- Psilocybe Mushroom - 5 different types, from very young to mature
- Psilocybe Mushroom - 5 different types, Clustes of different ages

- Color Diffuse - 3 types
- Roughness - 2 types, dry and wet
- Normals - 2 types, OpenGL and DirectX
- Displacement
- Bump
- Emissive - 3 Types, natural and stylised

Enjoy rendering!
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