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Kit d'étagères en fil modèle 3D

Cinema 4D R12  |  Default Scanline
3D Modèle Caractéristiques
887,418 Des polygones
936,009 Sommets
Polygonal Ngons used Géométrie
ID du produit: 713147
98 Produits
Depuis 2010

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Wire Shelving Kit is a high quality model of wire shelving units.

Originally modeled in Cinema 4D R12, this model still has HyperNurbs active on various elements to save rendering time on wider angle shots, and to allow subdivisions to be divided for extreme close up shots.

All modeled at real world scale, the shelves are completely seperate from the poles, and are easily duplicated and moved to form custom units.

Included in the project are 4 preset shelving units:

3 rack shelving unit measuring 18' x 48' x 36'
3 rack shelving unit measuring 18' x 24' x 36'
5 rack shelving unit measuring 18' x 48' x 72'
5 rack shelving unit measuring 18' x 24' x 72'

Also included are the poles and shelves alone by themselves.

Lighting setup not included in project files

Poly count stands at 887418 without Smoothing applied.


Add model to your scene now and get rendering straight away with ease.


Available in the following formats:



OBJ and FBX formats come without smoothing modifiers active, and may import without materials applied depending on application.
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