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Pistolet Supprimé Welrod modèle 3D

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3D Modèle Caractéristiques
ID du produit:401859
Des polygones:7,856
Les textures:No
UV mappé:Unknown
UV non emballés:Unknown
TurboSquid Membre depuis October 2005
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la description
The Welrod is a British bolt-action, integrally suppressed pistol designed during World War II for use by irregular forces and resistance groups.

Also known as the “Assassin’s Pistol”, the Welrod is extremely quiet for a gun, producing a fairly quiet sound of around 73dB when fired. This was achieved by using a very large suppressor containing multiple sound baffles and wipes, a drilled barrel to reduce the 9mm bullet to a subsonic level and the inherently quiet bolt-action mechanism. The Welrod is of very simple construction, taking the form of a metal tube with the bolt handle at one end and the muzzle at the other. The magazine also served as the grip. Removing the magazine made the weapon very easy to conceal.

The Welrod was intended to be used to quietly dispatch sentries or for assassination. The effective range is very short; indeed the muzzle of the weapon is recessed to allow it to be fired whilst in contact with the target, which would further reduce sound levels as well as removing the possibility of missing. The Welrod is a sanitised weapon, meaning it has no identifying markings, only a serial number. The rudimentary sights are marked with fluorescent paint for use in low light conditions.

The Welrod holds 6 rounds of 9mm ammunition in the detachable magazine. It is 36.5cm long and weighs 1.2kg unloaded. It has an effective range of under 15 metres.

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