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Serviette-m18 modèle 3D

par Tmin
Licence de modèle 3D: la norme    Mettre à niveau la licence
3ds Max 2009  |  V-Ray 1.50.SP2
3ds Max 2009  |  mental ray
FBX 2013
3D Modèle Caractéristiques
127,740 Des polygones
128,910 Sommets
Polygonal Quads only Géométrie
Les textures
UV mappé
overlapping UV non emballés
ID du produit: 924911
131 Produits
Depuis 2011

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This is a detailed, fully textured 3d model.
This model is suitable for use in design visualisation.
Originally created with 3ds Max 2009, all preview images are rendered with V-Ray as Renderer

Modeled in realistic sizes and proportions (mm).
Lights and cameras are not included in the file.
Displacement not used in the materials.

This model contains 22 seperate objects.
clip_01; pol.-394(quads),788(triangles), ver.-398
clip_02; pol.-394(quads),788(triangles), ver.-398
clip_03; pol.-394(quads),788(triangles), ver.-398
clip_04; pol.-394(quads),788(triangles), ver.-398
rack_01; pol.-144(quads),288(triangles), ver.-146
rack_02; pol.-144(quads),288(triangles), ver.-146
rack_03; pol.-144(quads),288(triangles), ver.-146
rack_04; pol.-144(quads),288(triangles), ver.-146
rack_05; pol.-1496(quads),2992(triangles), ver.-1534
rack_06; pol.-46(quads),92(triangles), ver.-48
towel_18-01; pol.-15204(quads),30408(triangles), ver.-15550
towel_18-02; pol.-5352(quads),10704(triangles), ver.-5546
towel_18-03; pol.-11275(quads),22550(triangles), ver.-11368
towel_18-04; pol.-11275(quads),22550(triangles), ver.-11368
towel_18-05; pol.-11275(quads),22550(triangles), ver.-11368
towel_18-06; pol.-11275(quads),22550(triangles), ver.-11368
towel_18-07; pol.-11275(quads),22550(triangles), ver.-11368
towel_18-08; pol.-11275(quads),22550(triangles), ver.-11368
towel_18-09; pol.-6920(quads),13840(triangles), ver.-6922
towel_18-10; pol.-11000(quads),22000(triangles), ver.-11002
towel_18-11; pol.-6920(quads),13840(triangles), ver.-6922
towel_18-12; pol.-11000(quads),22000(triangles), ver.-11002

        * TEXTURES *
cloth_b.jpg - 1024x1024
fabric_folds.png - 1500x1500
linen_4_b.jpg - 2000x2000
stitching_a.jpg - 2048x2048
stitching_b.jpg - 2048x2048
tow_01.jpg - 1024x1024
tow_02.jpg - 1024x1024
tow_03.jpg - 3000x3000
tow_color.jpg - 240x240

You can add the smoothing by smoothing groups to this model and get more quality closeups visualisation.
The size of the towels 700mm.x1400mm., 500mm.x900mm., 340mm.x780mm.
Color changing map tow_color.
The FBX 2013 version of model has the material mental ray and original UVW Mapping.
The OBJ version does not have the materials, the mesh retains all the correct UVW Mapping.
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