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Russo-Balt K12-20 modèle 3D

Licence Libre de Droits
- Utilisations éditoriales autorisées
Les utilisations étendues peuvent nécessiter des autorisations
La propriété intellectuelle décrite dans ce modèle , incluant le marque "russo-baltique", n'est ni affiliée, ni endossée par les titulaires des droits d'origine. Les utilisations éditoriales de ce produit sont autorisées, mais d'autres utilisations (telles que celles utilisées dans les jeux informatiques) peuvent nécessiter une autorisation légale des propriétaires tiers de la propriété intellectuelle. En savoir plus .
Formats inclus
Maya 2009 Maya Software
3ds Max 2009 Default Scanline
Maya 2014 V-Ray 2.40

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3D Modèle Caractéristiques
ID du produit:834041
Géométrie:Polygonal Quads/Tris
Des polygones:108,468
Les textures:Yes
UV mappé:Yes
UV non emballés:Mixed
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Vend actuellement 465 des produits
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Mention légale: La propriété intellectuelle décrite dans ce modèle , incluant le marque "russo-baltique", n'est ni affiliée, ni endossée par les titulaires des droits d'origine.

la description
It is the high-quality full detailed middle-poly model of the one of first passenger car was created in the Russian Empire - Russo-Balt K12/20, 1911 year. It model can be used in various fields 3D-Graphics such as: game development, advertising, street design, motion picture art, visualization, etc.. Modeling was made by ortho-photos of real car that is why all details of design are recreated most authentically.

        The competently think over topology middle-poly model in combination with detailed textures allows for a minimum amount of polygons get the maximum quality, which can be enough even for close up.

        For increase advanced realism these textures are used: Diffuse, Specular, Glossiness, Bump, Opacity.

        Total of the textures - 54. Resolutions of all textures are from 640 x 433 to 4096 x 4096 pixels in .jpg format. Total materials 28. Polycount 108468 faces. All parts correctly grouped and named.

        The model has simple rigging for open the doors and front wheels turn control by steering. If you want to open the door please rotate Door_Locator in Y axis. If you want turn front wheels please rotate Rudder_group01 in Y axis. Animation other parts of model is due by rotation conformity groups and meshes. If you want open the bonnet engine please rotate Bonnet_L/R_group02 in Z axis and second part rotate Bonnet_L_part_poly01 mesh in Z axis.

        In .max, .fbx and .dae formats model has no rigging but has bake animation of all movable parts. If you want to animate model in other programs except Maya you need to create your own rigging. For help there is a Playblast animation of steering gear.

        The model was created in 1:10 scale in cm unit. If you want to get real-world scale just do a tenfold increase scale of model. Original length of this car is 4.45 meters.

        Model was created in the 'Maya 2009' 3D program.

        Also there is an adjusted render-scene created in the Maya 2014 with renderer plug-in V-Ray 2.40. This scene correctly opens in earlier versions up to the Maya 2012 with V-Ray 2.0 because it is saved in the .ma format. Render-scene includes 5 V-Ray Rect Light + reflectors. The V-Ray MTL material is assigned to model. On Timeline set keys of model and Render Camera position conformity Preview Images. If you dont need these positions dont forget to delete animation keys from translation and rotation channels.

        To use the model in other 3D programs there are scenes saved in formats: .fbx, .obj, .DAE, .max(2009 version).

Note: This model is unappropriated for use any smoothing modifiers!

Information about car.
Russian-Baltic coach factory
Riga, Russia 1911
Four cylinder in-line monolithic engine:
Displacement 2211 cc; Power 20 hp
Speed 60 kmph
Laden mass 1190 kg
Fuel consumption 12 liters/100km

It is the only surviving example in Moscow Polytechnic Museum.
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