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Boites de disques modèle 3D

par 5T3F4N
3ds Max 2009  |  V-Ray 2.0
3D Studio
3D Modèle Caractéristiques
46,812 Des polygones
49,153 Sommets
Polygonal Géométrie
Les textures
UV mappé
overlapping UV non emballés
ID du produit: 641460
23 Produits
Depuis 2006

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5 disc cases + discs:

3 jewel cases - black, transparent and slim black
2 keep cases - regular (2 discs) and slim (1 disc)

Accurate detailed 3D models of disc cases. modeled in 3ds max 2009, works with any version of 3ds max above 2009. All models are in real-world measures as well as disc covers and labels, so that any design can be applied to them in seconds. Everything is textured/materialized and UV mapped. Textures, bump, opacity maps are included.
Pivot points are correctly placed so cases can open/close easily.
Discs are also included. They are made of 3 layers: disc label (top layer), reflective layer (middle) and transparent plastic (bottom). Scene is prepared with V-ray Materials.

Maps are UV unwrapped, with mostly none overlapping spots. The areas where UV's are overlapping are either inside of an object, in small tight areas between two objects or polygons that are not visible, on the objects that are perfectly symmetrical so they overlap each other in order to take larger space on UV map for a much clearer texture, or on the objects that doesn't have any texture on them, just the material with shader. In any case the model is perfectly renderable from any angle, far or close up and wont show any deformation/irregularity on the texture.

Exchange formats, such as .3DS and .OBJ are included. Below is the list of 3D applications used for import-testing as well as the information on whether they support certain formats or don't.

- 3DS -
Blender - Imports, no errors
Lightwave - Imports, no errors
Sketchup - Imports, no errors
Cinema 4D - Imports, no errors
Maya, Softimage XSI, Houdini - NOT Supported

- OBJ -
Maya - Imports, no errors
Cinema 4D - Imports, no errors
Softimage XSI - Imports, no errors
Houdini - Imports, no errors
Lightwave - Imports, no errors
Blender - Imports, no errors
Sketchup - Does not support .OBJ by default.

Versions of applications used for testing:
Maya 2012 x64
Cinema 4D R13.016
Softimage XSI 10.0.422.0 x64
Houdini 11.0.469
Lightwave 11.0.1
Blender 2.64.0
Google Sketchup 8.0.15158

Note that exchange formats imports correctly with no errors, as shown above, the UV coordinates are intact, materials stays applied on the models, but they are blank in most cases and needs to be reconfigured in desired application, meaning shading, reflection, texture maps need to be tweaked. Only native format .max has everything ready for rendering right away.
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