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Tricycle Legacy Lightcycle modèle 3D

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Maya 2013  |  mental ray
3D Modèle Caractéristiques
537,292 Des polygones
538,818 Sommets
Polygonal Géométrie
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ID du produit: 1113971
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Depuis 2014

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Lightcycle from the movie 'Tron:Legacy'.

Does not include a rider, but if you search Turbosquid there is a rider for sale by another author.

The glow effect was accomplished in mental ray using the Blinn shader glow effect (you can adjust the amount of glow by changing this attribute in the attribute editor).

All textures are including for both FBX and MA formats. The MA zip file also includes the source Photoshop files, so be sure to download that as well even if you are planning on using the FBX version.

A note about the glow effect - when I import the FBX file into Maya the glow effect is lost, so it appears the FBX file format does not support this attribute. You'll have to apply glow according to your software of choice if you are not using Maya.

The reflective 'floor' shown in the images is a mental ray mia_material and is not included in the FBX version. It is included in the MA version as shown. I'm sure you can accomplish something similar in your software if you are not using Maya.

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