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Indoraptor - Gréé modèle 3D

Jul 23, 2021
CheckMate Pro Agréé
Blender 2.92  |  EEVEE Renderer
OBJ 2021
FBX 2021
3D Modèle Caractéristiques
21,716 Des polygones
22,149 Sommets
Polygonal Quads only Géométrie
Les textures
UV mappé
non-overlapping UV non emballés
ID du produit: 1761591
44 Produits
Depuis 2020

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Indoraptor is a high-poly detailed and realistic model created in Blender 2.92 and rendered in the Eevee engine of the software also rigged with Rigify, a well-known rigging setup for Blender users.

Please use at least 1 level of sub-division to have a realistic look in the viewport also. I didn't use it even you may check my result I just prefer you to add a sub-division if you are working on a project. Thanks

- Clean topology with less quantity in only quads.
- Rigged with Rigify using a bird rig
- PBR textured with different resolutions are listed below
- Easy to animate with controlling bones
- IK and FK both can be applied with one click
- File contains collect to switch easily the model as well as lighting setup
- Can be rendered high-poly in Eevee engine
- The preview images contain HDRI lighting that is packed with the file.

Indoraptor File Statistics:
Objects: 07
Vertices: 22149
Edges: 43,343
Triangles: 43254
Quads: 21716

Raptor File Formats;
Here are some files I could export with Blender are listed below and also sorry for not having more files as your requirements. I will try my best to have more files using different 3d programs.
.blend (Eevee renderer)

PBR Textures:
As I mentioned above that PBR textures are different resolutions are listed below:

8K Textures: Due to the low processer I could not bake all textures with 8k resolution but I baked somehow are below and are most important
- Normal_8K.png for the main object (Indoraptor)
- Displacement_8K.exr and (.png) for the same as above

4K Textures: The entire model/Indoraptor contains the 4k resolution as I could support. The textures with their formats are listed below:
The main object (Raptor mesh named 'Indo') contains the following textures.
- AO_4K.png
- Cavity_4k.png
- BaseColor_4K.png
- Roughness_4K.png
- Normal_4K.png
- Displacement_4K.exr (.png)

The object named 'Teeth' contains textures:
- Normal.Teeth_4K.png

An object named 'Hairs' contains:
- Normal.Hairs_4K.png

The nails object contains the same as above: Normal.Nails_4K.png
An object named 'Sides' contains one image: BaseColor.Back_4k.png

The object named 'Eyes' contains one image as a texture named below:
- Eyes_1K.png
2K Textures: The same textures as 4K contains but in low resolution.

Indoraptor is rigged with Rigify, the nice rigger for Blender users. I used a bird rig for it the preview video will clear your all doubts about rigging.

rig: root = controls the whole model as a basic root
rig: torso = controls all bones except IK
rig: chest = controls the chest as its name
and all bones work properly as their name you may check by watching the preview video

Final Words:
Hope to get liked from your side about my product. Please leave satisfying ratings for my progress.
Thank you very much
Have a great purchase of your day.
Best Regards - Mujeerullah
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