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42X MAXPACK # 3 modèle 3D

Licence Libre de Droits
- Toutes les utilisations étendues
Formats inclus
3ds Max 2015 V-Ray 3
3ds Max 2015 V-Ray 3
3ds Max 2015 Default Scanline

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3D Modèle Caractéristiques
ID du produit:1075303
Géométrie:Polygonal Tris only
Des polygones:50,000
Les textures:Yes
UV mappé:Yes
UV non emballés:Yes, non-overlapping
TurboSquid Membre depuis September 2014
Vend actuellement 179 des produits
Évaluation du produit
Non évalué
la description
FUTURESCAN provides high-end 3D human models for architectural visualization and advertising businesses around the world.
Our scans are made using state-of-the-art bespoke multi DSLR photogrammetry rig, the only one in the world equipped with Canon's newest prime (not zoom) lenses helping to achieve the highest source photo quality possible.
Source RAW files are decoded straight into lossless TGA what in it's turn helps to achieve great image sharpness and exceptional true-to-life colors in final textures.


- photorealistic 360 degree gigapixel scan from source RAW files;
- highest quality on the market;
- competitive pricing;
- saves artists time and time is money;
- emerging standard;
- gives professionals an edge - both new technical and artistic opportunities in today's highly competitive market;
- adds necessary realism and professional look to any 3D scene rendered - forget about lifeless post-apocalyptic landscapes and interiors of the past - people actually do exist outside of 'Fallout' Universe;
- sends cutout people where they belong - to Blackberries and Windows 3.1 desktops;
- textural resolution: 4096 x 4096 (from source RAW files)
- color map;
- normal map.

5X INTRO PACK (model # 855898) is a part of 42X MEGAPACK #3.

All models are default scanline, some models in addition contain VRAY version for Max.
Source highpoly OBJs are provided for experimental purposes only and are not included with all models.
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