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Barrel Pack (PBR) modèle 3D

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Blender 2.77
3D Studio
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1,500 Des polygones
1,500 Sommets
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Depuis 2012

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Archaeological, historical, art-historical and photographic evidence attest that up until the late nineteenth/early twentieth century hoops made from wooden poles were the rule for stave built containers such as barrels, buckets and tubs. Iron was usually too expensive for such mass-produced products and until the nineteenth century archeological finds of iron hoops tend to be associated mainly with high status sites or precious cargo.

This pack contains 20 highly detailed PBR ready prefabs based as much as possible on archaeological finds and historic art. It consists of a mixture of variously sized barrels, buckets and tubs, bound primarily by wooden hoops. In these models the wood hoops are closed by the more usual ligature method, instead of the hook and twist method (Which was the most common method in North America).


- Available in .blend, .fbx, .obj and .3ds formats. Single scene in blender, split in to individual components for all other formats.

- Works natively in .blend. All other file formats will require additional work due to import/export limitations. This includes material re-creation, and possibly re-applying smoothing groups.

- Game ready low poly models. Tested in Unity.

- Blender file comes with PBR materials for Cycles.

- Triangle/vertex counts in the 500-1500 range per model.

- Texture maps for the barrel material are 1024x2048, for the tub material 1024x1024, and for the bucket material 512x512. This is to maintain a consistent texel density.

- 3 barrels of different sizes, as well as two special medium sized barrels: A broken one, and an open one with a separate lid.

- 6 tubs of different sizes and shapes

- 5 buckets. Two all wood buckets, two with metal hoops and handles, and one small wooden bucket/ladle.

- 2 stacks of wooden hoops, one of which is set up in a way that it can be hanged from a wall if needed. 1 loose wooden hoop.
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