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GBU-31 (V) 1B (Mk-84) JDAM modèle 3D

Mar 4, 2020
CheckMate Pro Agréé
3ds Max 2016  |  V-Ray 3.60
Blender 2.80  |  Cycles Render
Cinema 4D 16  |  Advanced Render
Lightwave 2018  |  Default Scanline
3ds Max 2016  |  Default Scanline
FBX 2012
GBU-31V1B Textures Pack 8K
3D Modèle Caractéristiques
146,116 Des polygones
149,053 Sommets
Polygonal Quads only Géométrie
Les textures
UV mappé
non-overlapping UV non emballés
ID du produit: 1469736
88 Produits
Depuis 2008

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The GBU-31(V)1/B JDAM is a 'smart bomb' formed by a hardened penetration bomb, MK-84, with a nominal weight of 2000 lb (907.2 kg) and a JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition) guidance package that provide an integrated inertial guidance system and a GPS receiver.

The GBU-31(V)1/B JDAM is used by USAF. It can be carried by the following strike fighters such as F-15E Strike Eagle, F-16 Fighting Falcon, F-35 Lightning II, A-10 Thunderbolt II and also by strategic bombers like B-1B Lancer, B-2A Spirit, B-52 Stratofortress

-Very high detailed model.
-Suitable for close-up renders.
-Pieces are named and grouped.
-Only Quad polygons.
-Mesh optimized for Subdivisions.
-LightWave 3D Subpatch mode is off.
-Cinema4D HyperNurbs is activate.
-3ds Max OpenSubdiv modifier is still in the history ready to increase the mesh resolution.
-Unit of measurement meters.
NOTE: This model can contain poles (more than 5 edges that converge to a single vertex).

Texture & Materials:
-Materials are clearly named.
-High quality 8K resolution textures (PNG format).
-PBR Metallic/Roughness and PBR Specular/Glossiness format.
-Textures Sets: The model is divided in 3 sets (MK-84, JDAM and Metal parts). There are 27 textures in all.

-Lighting & Environment setup as seen in the signature preview is included.
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