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salle de cours modèle 3D

Licence Libre de Droits
- Toutes les utilisations étendues
Licence Libre de Droits
- Toutes les utilisations étendues
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Apr 20, 2019
CheckMate Lite Agréé
3ds Max 2016 V-Ray 3.3
3ds Max 2016 V-Ray 3.3
Cinema 4D 18 Advanced Render
BONUS Color correction PSD file. Please see the de

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3D Modèle Caractéristiques
ID du produit:1396559
Géométrie:Polygonal Quads only
Des polygones:406,972
Les textures:Yes
UV mappé:Yes
UV non emballés:Yes, non-overlapping
TurboSquid Membre depuis February 2005
Vend actuellement 250 des produits
Évaluation du produit
Non évalué
la description
This is a high quality scene suitable even for close plans.

Geometry is all quads.


All polygons are quads. Clean geometry. Please check the wireframe images in the previews above.

Every model in the scene is named correctly. The scene is organized and additional changes are easy.

Textures and materials
Every geometry in the scene is separately UV mapped. Perfectly unwrapped.No overlapping.
3ds Max vray version is the native file, so the materials include a variety of different maps, procedurals, combined and tweak able.
Cinema 4d scene uses 4k maps baked out of Vray. However, every material was tweaked in its software so that the end result is as close as possible to the 3ds Max vray version.
All materials in every software are named properly.


File formats
Please check the preview images above, there are several labeled images that show how the model looks in every software. No post processing.
3ds Max 2016.
The scene is set up for vray render. Just load the scene, hit render and receive a perfect render.
Cinema 4d 18
The scene is set up for physical render. Just load the scene, hit render and receive a perfect image. No additional plugins required.
Additional file formats
FBX, OBJ, Collada
Due to the format specifications these may require a little tweaking depending on the software you are importing the files in. However, properly applied materials and maps are present.


The scene was made with great attention to the detail. It was build with the idea of perfect look in every software.
It contains many models that you can extract and use in other scenes. You can also look at it as a 'Classroom themed model library'.



Renders can look very good these days but to for a professional look you need to apply color correction in a color editing software.

So we made a template PSD file (Photoshop CS6) which will help you achieve that 'professional' look. It has several adjustment layers tuned to make the best of your render. Just drop your render at the bottom and have all corrections applied.

The best is you can then fine tune the options in the adjustments layers.

We have included several examples in the preview images, look for 'color corrected' sign.
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