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Blender 2.91  |  Cycles Render 2.91
FBX 2.91
Textures high poly blender
3D Modèle Caractéristiques
716,836 Des polygones
709,925 Sommets
Polygonal Géométrie
Les textures
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Depuis 2014

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This is Qualitative 3d model Robot 
Package contains Character in High Poly Resolution 

--------------Highpoly Version (Description)-------
- Blender file with character in A-pose
- Highpoly version is not rigged
- This Resolution is preferably to use for keyart and rendering and in cases where you want customize/change character for further baking to gamemesh
- Subdiv modifiers are used add extra smoothness to the shapes.
This modifiers can be turned off/on
Mesh Resolution with Subd modifiers (OFF):

716,836 Polys

1,410,244 Tris

709,925 Verts

Mesh Resolution with Subd modifiers(ON):

6,936,316 Polys

13,882,990 Tris

6,809,487 Verts

- Tileable textures are used to add extra small details like subtle bump effects on materials

- All used textures are stored inside blender file, but also uploaded as separate package

- Logos are made as decal textures that are mapped to geometry patches and this patches are placed over the underneath big geometry.
- On the screenshots you might noticed small color changes in the face. I was just playing a bit with assigning different materials to the nose, eyebrows are. (black-white materials). Materials can be easily resigned, because they use box mapping method and not unique uv

 High Poly character exported as FBX format with applied modifiers

Blender File with High Poly resolution Character.
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