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Rubis modèle 3D

par SachaS
Maya Unlimited  |  Default Scanline
3D Modèle Caractéristiques
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NURBS Géométrie
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ID du produit: 303014
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Depuis 2006

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A cross-media 3D Character, which was build in Maya Unlimited. It combines Fur and Cloth in a remarkable way. The completly rigged character comes with a well conceived User Interface with whom you can easy run Cloth Simulations and animate the character in a fast uncomplicated way. Furtheremore the character uses Visimes (Visual Phonemes) to simulate speach. Using the User Interface you can use the Facial Animation Tab to animate the face using Blend Shapes or other Control Objects. The various Control Objects can of course also be used in the traditional way.

Facial Animation really well prepared!
Different Blend Shapes including different Visimes (Visual Phonemes) make it possible to simulate nearly every emotion and to simulate speach!
The Character has altogether 24 Blend Shapes. 8 Visimes for the simulation of speech, 7 different Moods, 5 Shapes for the ears and 4 who control the eyes. Furthermore you can use different Conrol Objects to animate the nose, eyes and eyelids.
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