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Cockpit d'hélicoptère Apache Boeing AH-64D modèle 3D

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Cinema 4D 10  |  Default Scanline
3ds Max 9  |  V-Ray & Scanline
Maya 7  |  Default Scanline
Softimage 7  |  Default Scanline
Lightwave 6  |  Default Scanline
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Photorealistic, detailed and fully textured Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow Helicopter Cockpit 3d model, including:

        - Pilot's back section, seats, belts, instrumentation, collective and cyclic flight controls, firing controls.
        - Co-pilot/Gunner's front station, seats, belts, instrumentation, collective and cyclic flight controls, firing controls.
        - Reconfigurable display panels and digital stabilization system.
        - Compass, sensor and RADAR signal processors, night vision, helmet display unit, air conditioning systems.
        - Headrest, hand holds, wiring, knobs, rocker switches, buttons, engraved texts, rivets, nuts, bolts, hatches and ancillary metal parts.
        - Photorealistic high resolution textures (4096x4096).

This cockpit model has been carefully crafted from scratch using photographic references, blueprints and publicly available information.

Importante notes:

        - This model was created with the subdivision surfaces technique. The base control mesh (zero subdivision level) is included in all file formats so that you can subdivide the geometry. By subdividing the objects whose names begin with 'SUBD_' you can control the amount of detail, making the model work very well with extreme close-ups.

        - The sample images and thumbnails have been rendered with 3ds max and VRay materials. The reflection shaders may need little adjustment in others formats. The lighting setup is not included in this product.
        - All materials and textures have been carefully and properly named for easy customization. The high resolution texture maps are included and packed as a single separate file.
        - This model is a replica intended for creating artistic images and videos. It is not suitable for technical or scientific simulation (wind tunnels) or other uses requiring a high degree of similarity with the actual cockpit.

Available formats:

        - 3ds max 9 and above (.max)
        - Cinema 4D 10 and above (.c4d)
        - Maya 7 and above (.mb)
        - Softimage XSI 7 and above (.xsi)
        - Lightwave 6 and above (.lws)
        - Autodesk FBX (.fbx)
        - Collada DAE (.dae)
        - Blender (.blend)
        - Luxology Modo (.lxo)
        - Wavefront OBJ (.obj and .mtl)
        - 3DS (.3ds)
        - Direct X (.x)
        - DXF (.dxf)

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a similar 3d model or modification, in case you have a problem with the any file format or should you need a format not listed above.

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